Support MSO

Playing together in an orchestra is an expensive hobby. In addition to regular rehearsals, we perform as an orchestra several times a year in various halls in the region and far beyond, with our two concert series. These concert series are generally quite expensive, think of music rental, fees for conductor, repetitors and soloists, hall rental and the costs of publicity material. Since most of these concerts are in-house productions, the financial risk lies entirely with the MSO itself.

If you have a warm heart for the MSO and you want to help us to keep the orchestra in existence, please support the MSO. This can be done in the different ways:

As a contributor
Anyone can become a contributor of the MSO. As a contributor of the MSO, you will receive the Donateurtje twice a year: this way you will be kept informed of the activities of the MSO. You will also receive a personal invitation to our concert series. On presentation of this invitation you will receive a discount on the normal admission price. You can already become a contributor with a contribution of 15 euros per year. More is also allowed.

As a friend
Friends of the MSO are companies, organizations and associations that support the MSO. As afriend of the MSO, your name will be mentioned, if you wish, in the program booklets, the information leaflet for the donors and on the website. You will also receive an invitation with two free tickets for our concerts. You can become a friend of the MSO for at least 50 euros per year.

As a sponsor
Sponsors of the MSO are companies, agencies and associations that support the MSO in financial form or in kind. Sponsors of the MSO receive a mention with logo in the program booklets, the information leaflet for donors and a mention with logo on the website. Depending on the wishes of the sponsor and the amount to be sponsored, this can be expanded with more prominent display of logos at concerts and in the aforementioned media as well as in the internal association magazine. There is also the possibility of a sponsored concert. Further details can be given in consultation with the board. You become a sponsor from 75 euros per year.

For more information about the possibilities to support the MSO, or to register as a donor, for example, you can contact us by sending an email to